Friday, 25 September 2009

Farewell Ale for Sue and Dave Ellis, 25 September 2009

A farewell ale was held for morris stalwarts Sue and Dave Ellis on 25 September 2009.   The Ellises had been with the side since 1980, Sue as a dancer and musician (melodeon) and Dave as a morris husband, a singer and drinker, and latterly a musician (tin whistle). 
(From left to right: Pete Benzie, Iris Benzie, Rita Gourlay, Dave Wilmshurst, Dave Ellis, Sue Ellis, Terry Mountain, Penny Mountain, Kyoko Fukuda)
The side sang the following song in their honour:
Farewell and Adieu to You, Hong Kong Morris

Chorus:          Farewell and adieu to you, Hong Kong Morris,
                        Farewell and adieu, we can no more remain,
                        For soon we must leave you and return to old England
                        But we hope in a short time to see you again.

When first we came here, ’twas a British colony,
Jim Carter he led us with despotic rule,
Our bagman was Tony, who collected the money,
And we practised on Wednesdays at South Island School.

When the practice was o’er, we’d repair for a tincture,
In the bar of the Herm we would drink copiously,
When the clock struck for midnight we’d flow down the Godown,
For we knew that tomorrow was our property.

How often we rose when the sun she was rising,
We’ve danced on the Peak at the break of the day,
We’ve danced at Fernando’s while the sardines were frying,
We’ve danced in the Red Lips and scarce got away.

We’ve played for the set on the pipe and melodeon,
We’ve sung of the divvel, as black as the coal,
We’ve retold the tale of the dodgy pawnbroker
We’ve trudged to the moor and we’ve fathomed the bowl.

We were there when they held the Last Ale of the Empire,
And twelve summers later, we’re still going strong,
We’ve had twelve years of dancing and music and laughter,
We took on the doubters, and proved them quite wrong.

We’ve spent half our life in this odd part of China,
We’ve seen the times change and we’ve watched the ale flow,
We’ve seen out Sir Murray, Sir Edward, Sir David,
We’ve seen out Chris Patten, but now we must go.

So farewell and adieu to you, Hong Kong Morris,
Let’s drink a good health to our friendships of yore,
For time passes over, and it’s soon we must leave you
But the memories we carry are thousands or more.