Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Michaelmas Fair 2011

On Saturday 29th October, the Hong Kong Morris fulfilled the call for quality entertainment at the St. Johns Cathedral annual church fair, known as the Michaelmas Fair.  In years past the Morris had been a regular feature of the fair, and now a feature restored!

The weather was fine, the audience was plentiful, the Morris dancers were in abundance, and the Morris musicians put in a splendid performance.

The only thing lacking was post-dancing refreshment as the fair bar had unexpectedly run out of beer to slake our thirst.  The Morris ingenuity came to the fore and there was a rapid adjournment to a near-by hostelry, for several of those present.

Others stayed to enjoy the many splendours of the Michaelmas Fair, a piece of a foreign field that seemed like it was forever England.  How else could it be, after being graced by the presence of the almost divine Hong Kong Morris.

Karin Malstrom performed splendidly on the fiddle, leading the music for the first time, and David Palmer accompanied her with his new concertina, his first performance in public as a Morris musician - well done!   And, indeed, a hearty well done to the dancers too.  All those practice sessions are clearly starting to pay off.   Morris recruitment is still needed though - come to our website and sign up for emails !

The Morris performed, inter alia, Lads A Bunchem, Shepherd's Hey and the Morris Men's Finale, Bonny Green Garters, for the first time in perhaps a couple of years.   We were also graced, indeed blessed, given the occasion to a musical interlude from our fine musicians, together with the venerable Dave Wilmshurst with his concertina.

Don't forget to visit our websites audio-visual page for links to various photograph albums, and, also, our very first video online, which can be seen below.

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