Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cyprus Morris Congratulations

Among the many warm wishes of thanks for the Hong Kong Morris on our 40'th anniversary, we received this delightful 'card' of greetings from the Cyprus Morris.  Many thanks, folks!

The Hong Kong Morris 40th Anniversary

A new year and a New Year's resolution from the Hong Kong Morris. We're going to be updating the blog regularly!

On Saturday 11th January the Hong Kong Morris held it's 40th Anniversary events.  The Hong Kong (UK) Morris (brackets) had their annual get-together at a splendid barn near Bromyard in Worcestershire, whilst the Hong Kong (HK) Morris (originals) joined them via live video-link up (it was only Skype, but it worked excellently) from the roof of Karin Malstrom's flat in Wanchai, high above the throbbing pulses of Lockhart Road. 
A splendid time was had by all.  Hong Kong danced then Bromyard danced, and there was even a cake baked in celebration - no doubt slices are winging their way to Hong Kong by express mail from England.  Martin Sampson (the 'father of the morris'?) did the honours by cutting the cake (with a knife, not a sword), thereby slicing the map of Hong Kong that had been iced on top.

We were also joined by Skype (yes, it can do 4-way if you pay extra - thanks to John Rowlands for jacking it all up) from Phuket and Sai Kung, by Bill Crump and Terry Mountain and Andy and Mary Houghton (whose birthday it also was) respectively. 

After the video link ended a jolly time was had by all, with a bit of a sing song and further refreshments (by the Hong Kong lot, anyway).  

Apart from the below-par level of ambient light in Wanchai, the only drama was caused by David Palmer, one of the Hong Kong Morris' indefatigable concertina musicians, deciding that he had extraordinary powers to subdue the vicious canine that was in the next door roof compound in Wanchai. His hand outstretched, no doubt to pass on his healing powers to quiet the hound, but the noise only became louder as David's fingers were pierced to the bone,  thereby causing him to decamp to the splendours of the Ruttonjee Hospital emergency department for the occasion for a series of anti-rabies injections.  On his return to join us on the Wanchai rooftop a couple of hours later, he was greeted by many enquiries for his good health, accompanied by a rendition of 'How Much is that Doggy in the Window'.

John Leighton